Hi, I'm Ashleigh. Welcome to The Village Life!

I hope you will stay awhile and look around. This space was created to inspire you, as you discover your own village, and as I invite you into mine.

On Halloween day 2015, I gave birth to two super awesome babies (I’m a bit biased).
I found in the first months, as a new parent, it really does take a village to raise a child. To help you maintain some sense of sanity and get the sleep necessary to stay functional to parent, your village is definitely needed. This is where the idea of thevillagelife.ca came about. It came from my everyday life in my village as a twin mom and how I manage to  get by, especially with two that are the same age. Taking my time (which is in short supply some days) to share my experiences, parenting journey, and love of creativity with others is a passion of mine. There will be different places in this village you may want to explore.
There are posts written by not just me but other villagers that want to contribute.
I am hoping you find what you are looking for in one form or another.


Create, Be , and Love your village!

Ashleigh Who?

  • I’ve discovered a love of sci-fi shows and at Christmas time I can’t get enough Hallmark movies. My husband totally loves that.
  • I used to model, way back when I had a flat tummy and ability to look put together.
  • I’ll read and reread ingredient lists on packages because I have food allergies among others, and I am super cautious about what I eat. Even if I have already ate the same thing before.
  • I am dyslexic; being an upside down kid was hard, and I sometimes still need a moment to adjust and get things right. So, of course, I take up writing a blog, challenge accepted!
  • I can curl my tongue into a three leaf clover. I perfected it in grade 2 because my friend could do it; he thought he was special till I learnt to do it. I’m not competitive at all!
  • I love dogs and animals in general, but my body hates cats, even though I grew up with them, go figure.
  • I love to bake (and cook), and ironically I married someone with the last name Baker.
  • I’m somewhat of a perfectionist… ok maybe more than somewhat. This list could be better.
  • I love when everything is appealing to the eye. If a place looks unappealing I feel yucky till I leave.
  • I’m a bit of an empath, and I tend to be a bit overwhelmed when people are emotional.
  • I’m told I’m intimidating- why? I don’t know maybe because I’m cool being myself and with not being in, or a part of “the” crowd.
  • I have a B.A. Honours with a specialisation in Studio Art. I also have a B.Ed with qualifications in all divisions of teaching. I currently do not teach but hold standing.
  • My favourite dessert is cheesecake…or ice-cream or whipped cream in general; I could eat that by the spoonful!
  • I’m a pastor’s wife and married my childhood friend. Didn’t see that one coming, but everyone else did.
  • I have twins, a boy and a girl. No, they are not identical…
  • I love creating things but never feel like they are completed. For instance, the design of this blog and the painting over my couch.
  • I like entertaining and being hospitable, yet I am a bit of an introvert. Go figure.
  • I’m a proud lefty, but do everything but fine motor skills with my right.
  • I could eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and be totally fine with it. My favourite lately is Cinnamon Toast Crunch