After a year and a half of travelling with twins, I’ve come to realise the contents of a diaper bag are key to surviving any outing. A quick trip to the grocery store or a full day out, a well-stocked bag really helps you care for your little one and significantly reduces your stress. This list was created through a lengthy process of trial and error which might have been avoided if someone had shared this with me. Whether a new or a soon-to-be parent of multiples, I hope this post gives you some ideas of what to pack in your bag and help you avoid some of the mistakes I made. For those seasoned parents, what was essential to you?  I’d love to know!



Try a backpack diaper bag –  They aren’t the most fashionable bags out there, but they’re  really practical when it comes to twins. They allow you to have two hands-free or more likely use for something else. With everything you’ll be carrying around, having a tote or handled diaper bag starts to feel heavy fast. The backpack helps distribute the weight more evenly and doesn’t keep sliding off your shoulder (which I find really annoying!).  I also like that it’s more “Daddy friendly” especially when it is in a neutral colour like black or grey.  Another plus, as your kids get older you can use it for toys or keep in the car in case of emergencies. Personally, I sport the Skip-Hop Forma in black, which has performed very well for us over the past year and a bit.


Always keep your diaper bag stocked and ready to go.  Whenever something is used, replace it as soon as possible, preferably the same day, so you don’t forget. Nothing is worse than being stuck with a dirty diaper and no wipe, or even worse no diaper! Having your bag ready to go is one less thing on your mind when you do manage to venture out.


Try to be strategic!  How can you be strategic with a diaper bag?  I suggest you place the most frequently used or most important items on the top or if they are small put them in the outside pockets for easy access. This is where a bag with several different pockets is key, but one with too many can be a challenge too; with so many places to look, you can spend a lot of time just trying to find something.  Often time parents us the diaper bag for their things (keys, wallet), with a twin bag space is a luxury. I would recommend you pack a bag for your personal things as well.
A good concept to remember: it’s better to over-pack then under-pack a bag for twins. Below are the supplies that are essential and some that I find useful to take as well if there is room.





A diaper backpack is key since your hands are almost always full!

WET BAGS: (or zip lock bags)
You should bring something that seals in moisture, it’s very handy for wet and dirty clothes. For my twins, I use two of these. One has a full change of clothes for each child, and one is filled with new diapers. The contents can be rearranged when you need to use it as a wet bag.

You never know when spit-up or other spills may happen to occur, at least two is good. If you are eating out, having plastic bibs with a catch tray is great. When you’re done with them just throw them in a zip-lock bag and clean them when you get home if no water is available where you are.

Some bags include this item and even have a designated spot for it. You don’t want to lay your child down somewhere and have them pee all over the place, one more job you would have to clean up and maybe even embarrassingly explain what happened. You also may not be in a place where you want to change your baby because of germs, or it’s not such a clean spot, and a changing pad will save the day. Use the changing pad and wipe it down after using if necessary. Don’t forget; you can always do a deeper clean when you get back home.

Bring one full outfit for each child preferably gender neutral in case one needs a change more than once, you never know – really it could and does happen.  Maybe the bib wasn’t able to catch everything, a child threw up, or maybe the diaper didn’t hold everything. Just remember to switch out the outfits as they grow.


Bum wipes
For “those” diaper changes, some that you never really want to do while out but inevitably will need to do.
Disinfectant wipes
For those not so sanitary places like shopping carts handles- I carry the single-use wet wipe packs

Pack at least 8 to 10 depending on age and average usage.

My personal favourite is Rougier Isle’s Paste, this stuff is a miracle worker and if used regularly is amazingly effective.

When I’m out and about, I am bound to be doing it during their regular snack time, or I may get a child who is abnormally hungry that day. Keeping some Cheerios, baby cookies, or some fruit or toast with me can be a life saver from a meltdown. I also may want a nibble as well so I usually bring a little something for me too like a granola bar.

Put these in plastic sandwich baggies or a pacifier container. If your child uses one and it drops on the ground you want to have a backup … or two..or three.

I always bring water where ever I go just in case I get thirsty or get an itch in my throat, I find the same goes for the kids. You never know when it will be needed. I attach a reusable bottle of water to my diaper bag with a carabiner, and the kid’s cups I put on the outside open pockets of my bag. I breastfed so when the babies were young packing was simpler but if feeding by bottle using a bottle bag and attaching it to the outside of the diaper bag is an easy way to free space inside your diaper bag.

Having a few small toys or a book always comes in useful when changing. These items are also great to pull out when they are a bit unsettled.



I liked to use a breastfeeding scarf when the kids were under a year:  I used this often even when not feeding them but just to give them a bit of darkness and to help calm them to drift off to sleep while I held them. If breastfeeding this is a handy tool, if not formula and the supplies it comes with should be packed or you can attach a bottle bag to the outside of your bag with a carabiner.

TWO BLANKETS (weather appropriate)
Usually, I will just bring heavier blankets in the car as they use them in their car seats but some muslin blankets are always nice to put down for baby to play – they are light and fold up small.

Yes, I would stuff a baby carrier into my bag somehow when they were under a year. I used the Baby K’Tan.  Now I usually bring my soft carrier in the car just in case a child just doesn’t want to be let down. The baby carrier can help lessen the load especially when they get into early toddlerhood, and it helps free your hands so you can also pay attention to the other twin. Even when I bring my double stroller, I will also bring my carrier. Usually, one child wants to be carried while I push the other at some point in the trip if it’s longer.

Sometimes you will be out, and your baby will start teething like crazy, and nothing works but a bit of medical relief. I keep Tylenol just in case.

SUNSCREEN (for children over 6 months)
For those sunny days.

Here’s one last piece of advice: In early babyhood, an extra top kept in the diaper bag or car is a must. It gives you a change of clothes in case of spit-ups or diaper smears! It’s nice not to smell like baby puke.

Happy Packing,


  1. Great list, Ash! I would add a few small toys to the bag as well. I have found myself unexpectedly needing to distract the kids before (eg. When one is getting a diaper change) so having a few small toys can really help in these moments. 🙂

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